Re: Converting old-style sorcerers to Sandy's system

From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Wed 21 Feb 1996 - 04:09:46 EET

>I forced Sandy's beautiful new Sorcery Rules on my poor,
unsuspecting Sorcerer. >So, instead of being able to maintain
damageboost 6 for a season, he'll be >happy to get damage boost 4 up
for 10 min. Is there anything I can do to soften >this blow to the
poor guy's character?

        Sure. Try THIS:
        In my sorcery rules, spell skill is rather easy to get. You
get points just for keeping a spell maintained for a week. In
addition, trying to up a spell via research or training is
significantly better than with other skills (you get a full 1d6
increase instead of 1d6-2). Finally, the various Arcane Arts are

        Now, if you've converted your sorcerer to a new-style dude
by keeping his spell %s at the same level, and dumping his Arcane
Art skills, you've taken a person who has spent X degree of effort
at getting himself to X status, and reduced him to a person who is
now about X/2 status. No wonder he feels he's been hosed. He has
been. Ergo, the obvious solution is to increase his skills so that
the player's skill level remains comparable to what it was before.
        My suggestion is as follows: take the skill points you'd
previously devoted to Arcane Arts, add them up, double them, and
divvy them up among your various spells. Once your player has his
skills at a reasonable level, the new system won't seem such a hose
job. Also be sure to let him get plenty of Presence, depending on
how long he's been a sorcerer.

Sandy P.


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