From: Argrath@aol.com
Date: Wed 21 Feb 1996 - 04:15:57 EET

antha Digest V2 #392, Pam Carlson responds to Peter Metcalfe:

>PM> However this does not gibe with troll perceptions of ZZ as a
>Troll Death God or (IMO) human perceptions of him as the Dark
>Side of Lodril.
>Where does the ZZ as Dark Lodril come from? While there are similarities
>(underground, fire, disorder) there are huge gulfs between the two (Lodril
>as Earth, Fertility, ZZ as Death and Cruelty). As far as I can tell, these
>latter aspects are not shared between them at all.
>Is there any overbearing evidence for this?

This was a topic of conversation some months back. Though I posted something
about the similarities, I did so as a semi-joke. I don't think that most
human cultures view them as counterparts, unless there are some decadents
who, as a parlor game, like to point out the parallels between randomly
chosen pairs of gods...

- --Martin Crim


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