Re: Duck Origins

From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Wed 21 Feb 1996 - 04:41:25 EET

Mike Cule
>I don't think that any account of the origin of the Ducks can be
>without taking into account the existence of (and the legends of)
the keets
>of the Eastern Isles.

In brief, the history of the keets is rather an interesting
parallel to the reputed history of the ducks.

        The ducks believe that they were once winged, and lost
their power of flight as a curse.
        The keets believe that they were once winged, and
voluntarily gave up their power of flight so that Thella's Net could
unite all the Isles of Dawn.

        Humans say that ducks were once humans who were transformed
into animals because of an ancient evil.
        Humans say that keets were once angelic messengers who were
transformed into a mundane race in order to prevent an ancient

        The ducks are scorned for their crippled status.
        The keets are respected for their crippled status.

>I'm currently running a campaign focussed on getting the Last Egg
of Mother >Duck back to the East Isles to be hatched.
        Wow. _That_ ought to be interesting. E-mail me if you want
any tips or hints about the Isles of Dawn.

Sandy P.


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