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From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Wed 21 Feb 1996 - 04:46:38 EET

Peter Metcalfe
>Only the Basmol in Prax was killed.
        Nuh-uh, Peter. Basmol and other Big Cat deities were killed
off in Ralios, Wenelia, Prax, all across Genertela's span (except
that Tigers still exist in the far East). It wasn't just in Prax.

>I think in Pamaltela, Basmol is still alive. And if there are any
Basmoli >there, they have lions.
        As I said before, there is a lion god in Pamaltela. If
there are Lion Hsunchen there, they may have lions, but Pamaltelan
Hsunchen are rather different from Genertelan Hsunchen (who in turn
are not all that much like Kralorelan Hsunchen).

> I do remember asking Sandy if there were Lions in Ralios and he
said it was an >open question.
        I do not think that there are free-ranging lions in Ralios,
however. What I meant was that the remaining Basmoli there may well
have ancient rituals and techniques to produce lions. They may even
import them from Pamaltela, nowadays. A top-ranking Basmoli met in
Ralios often has an accompanying lion, and almost always has a
genuine lionskin headdress. The Praxian Basmoli rarely, if ever,
have lions, and they have to fake their headdresses from other
animal hides.

Sandy P.


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