Ian Gorlicks horizontal faces of the moon.

From: Barbara Braun (zbraun@minyos.its.rmit.EDU.AU)
Date: Wed 21 Feb 1996 - 04:29:41 EET

G'day all this is Andrew emailing,

Ian Gorlick's Horizontal Faces of the Moon:

I loved this idea (but then it is probably the physicist in me). It
explains why moon boats can fly anywhere around the empire on the Full
Moon days (rather than only half if the face was vertical and thus only
facing towards certain parts of the empire). I always think
 of the Death Star in "Star Wars" as they powered up the huge laser to
destroy the planet. Have two of the Egi as Darth Vader and the Governor
with various Lunar spirits capering around aligning the beam. This would
also mean the moon boat accelerates a huge amount in the first few
seconds as it reaches cruising speed (what a great image!! - think of photon
sails for interstellar flight).

It also means that the people/spirits on the moon and the Goddess do
spend half their time in mystic study of the Sky (where they are trying to
rise to) and are thus unavailable to the mortal plane. Whilst showing her
Dark side to the mortals to remind them of what she can be when angered.

Also Ian's explanation of the curving nature of light does give good
mythic reasons for the Orlanthi on the borders thinking the moon isn't as
far up as they claim/ is flawed in shape. Looking at Gregs map of the God
Plane in Codex 2 the Red Moon is halfway up to the Crystal Sky Bowl on the
border of the Middle Air and the Central Air. As Nick said the RM is in
the Hero Plane but the light could probably curve as it gets into the
Lower Air nearer the Surface World. Looking at most sources it is not
until you climb a mountain over 3-4000 metres that you need to worry about
wandering onto the Hero Plane.


Does anybody know where Mike Dawson is ?? (heartfelt plea) He won't
answer his email. Is he dead/moved/forgotten? I would really like to know
when thh next codex is coming out since I am the Australian distributor
and have had subbers baying at my door for over a year now.


Thanks to Nick for his further advice. Given the Wenelians have a bad
relationship with the Elves how do the Trader Princes survive among them ?
Do they have big keeps and are surrounded by a palisaded village to fight
off raids ? If so how do they protect their fiels from being burnt ? Or
are there ancient treaties with the local Wenelians or maybe the Elves
(potential big secret) that keep them safe ?

Cheers, Andrew


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