Evil Nasty Chaos Beasts

From: Richard Ohlson (richo@vicon.net)
Date: Wed 21 Feb 1996 - 05:18:13 EET

>>Philippe Krait <pkrait@micronet.fr>

>>Richard Ohlson:

>>[Nasty horrible Lunar Chaos Warriors]

>>Yes, these are the games I don't like. It would seem that you did not enjoy
>>it very much either. What I said is that, out of 4 lunar groups I met, 3
>>were that way adn I didn't like it much.

Actually, I kinda had fun. Mind you, it wasn't an entirely SERIOUS game,
but its kinda fun every once in a while to be disgusting and rude. We also
played around with some of his ideas of HeroQuesting and even did some
"plane hopping". (i.e. we got to visit non-Glorantha worlds, where they
DIDN'T HAVE DI. Boy, fights went a lot faster when we had prot six, plate
mail, and they didn't fall down then scream, "Orlanth, heal me!" (us, him,
etc) But, it was a fairly short game-hardly a campaign at all.

Rich Ohlson


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