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Date: Wed 21 Feb 1996 - 06:12:59 EET


To the Epicurians and Barbarians Which Abound in this Digest -

I've noticed some rantings and ramblings about food in recent digests. It
seems that there are two basic opinions expressed:

1) Lunar food is best because it is extremely sophisticated and tasty
2) Sartarite food is best because Sartarites eat it (or was that because it
has more ways to eat a sheep than any other cuisine?)

Well, I can't say I've ever eaten any food from Sartar, but I have been
forced to eat "refined" Imperial "meals" at the temple of Hwarin Victorious
in Hortugarth. IMHO, such "meals" are best left to my enemies.( And, BTW,
Porchangar's meals are definintely Lunar. I know; I have the cookbook -

No, it is clear to me that the writers of these opinions are ignorant of
Proper Cooking and need to come visit Imther to taste Good Food. I know that
many Lunars regard our cooking as "plain" and "boring", but they are unsued
to simple, nutritious and wholesome food.

Consider one popular Imtherian meal - a piece of Apple-rind Amber ("known for
its robust and fruity tone" - Codex, vol 1. #3, page 2), a slab of our hearty
hearth-baked bread, and a pint of our famous cider. What could be simpler,
more wholesome, and tastier than this?

Or perhaps you prefer roast pork, served with a side of applesauce, fresh
baby carrots, new potatoes, and complimented by our dry pear wine? Garnished
with a blossom of Goldeneye, this is a meal fit for the best company.
Therefore I invite Lorenus of Harandash, Fred of Moulin (wherever that is),
and Nick of the Brooke to come to Hortugarth and learn what Fine Cooking
really is.

Assistant Master of the Altar (Temple of Hwarin Victorious),
famous Master Chef of Imther

(Note from translator: People who opine that all British cooking is bad
probably suffer from tastebuds killed by smoking, numbed by cheap wine, or
burned off by spicy-hot foods. Such delights as finnan haddie, Devonshire
double-clotted cream, smoked salmon, and trifle compare favorably - if you
are not a vegetarian, of course - to the cuisine of any other country. This
is not opinion, folks, simply Cosmic Truth, and it will do you no good to
ignore it.) ;-)


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