The Moon Which Should Have Been and Will Be

Date: Wed 21 Feb 1996 - 06:13:01 EET

Greetings -

I realize the White Moon thread petered out earlier this year, but I wasn't
able to join in then. I ask you to please excuse my late contribution...

This is a translation I made a couple of years ago from an old Dara Happan
journal I was fortunate enough to pick up in an antique shop. As far as I
can tell, it seems to be written by the founder of the White Moon sect which
actually succeeded in its quest.

james polk

From the Journal of Ariadne Hapaxos -

        Mother me told yesterday that Jorus was killed in a battle far to the south.
I still cannot believe he will not return. He was the best of brothers and I
will never have another. Why, why must there be so many wars and so much
 killing? Will the Empire never be at peace?
        Strangely, I did not begin to weep until nightfall. But once I began I could
not stop. In my misery, I ate no supper and only lay on my bed. How long
this continued I do not remember, but sometime that night a woman's voice
called to me. It was not my mother's voice, nor that of any of our servants.
The voice was soothing and gentle, and it said, "Ariadne, Ariadne, listen to
        I think I still sobbed a little bit, but I sat up and replied, "Who is it?
 Who calls me?" I was not afraid, only curious.
"I have heard your tears and your unvoiced questions. I have looked at your
spirit and found it pure. You are the Mortal Maid, and your questions will
be answered, your grief lessened, only if you are willing to be very strong
and brave."
"But who are you?" I repeated. "And what do you want?"
"I am the Enlightener, the Queen of Heaven."
        I fell prostrate on my bed. "Oh forgive me, great goddess! I did not mean
"Peace, child," she said. "You have not offended me. But listen now, and
remember. The Moon Which Is, the Wounded Moon, is not the True Moon, the
White Moon. And not until the Moon Which Should Have Been and Will Be rises
into the Sky will the Empire, and all the Cosmos, find Peace and Wisdom. You
are the first of the True Seekers, the Mortal Maid. You must find the other
True Seekers and together you must raise the White Moon."
        I was astonished at the words of the Queen of Heaven. Me, a True Seeker? Me,
given an important quest by the Queen of Heaven herself? "Oh great Queen," I
protested, "I am so young and know so little. How can one such as I do all
these things?" But the Queen said nothing and I knew that I must try.
        So now it is morning and I must make plans. Mother is always telling me to
write down Important Things, lest I forget them, so I have begun this
Journal. I do not know where I will find the other Seekers or how I shall
know them, but I have found the strength to try.
        May the Lord of Light watch over my family and keep them safe until I


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