Moon Gazing

Date: Wed 21 Feb 1996 - 07:13:05 EET


Ian Gorlick asks questions about the height of the Red Moon, presenting
some very pretty sketches and making some very pretty calculations.
However, he has not reckoned with Lunar perfidy.

The Red Moon does not and has never presented her true face to all the
world; she hides behind appealing masks, letting others see only that
which she wants us to see.

That her Phases appear the same simultaneously in all parts of the world
is proof of her love of deceit and illusion, and shows that no right-
thinking Orlanthi should willingly beleive anything that the honey-
tongued Women In Red should utter. This is Wrong, and a good Orlanthi
always knows right from wrong.

To be safe, we should kill every Lunar worshipper on sight. If your
friends or relatives start believing the lies of the Lunar Empire, hit
them until they stop believing them. If they still believe them after
your stop hitting them, then they were tricking you; they're not your
friends and relatives, they're just Lunar scum. And every good Orlanthi
knows how to treat Lunar scum.
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