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Date: Wed 21 Feb 1996 - 11:01:07 EET

Joerg Baumgartner:

>>Then why doesn't he reckon Argrath as KoDP from his marriage to the
>>Feathered Horse Queen?

>IMO because Argrath married the FHQ before he even qualified (fully) as
>Prince of Sartar.

But Argrath was already Lord over the Kethaelans having saved them from
Harrek the Berserk in 1628 as Part III of Argrath's Saga indicates (dated
by Minaryth Purple's Events of My Life). So when he marries in 1629 he
is qualified to be KoDP.

Having read David Halls musings on what may have happened (and which
I mostly endorse, I've come to realize that my thesis and the
conventional thesis are not incompatible.

Rather Arim does two rites of Kingship. One is with Sorana Tor, the
Feathered Queen of the Kerofini Temple. This rite is later transformed
by Sartar to involve the Feathered Horse Queen, as David Hall suggests.
The other rite is mating with Tara, the Lady of the Wild. For simplicity's
sake, I'll say that the first marriage makes him KoDP while the second
makes him the Wild King.
This compromise leaves us with Sartar, Moraides and Tarkalor Kings of
Dragon Pass, legitimately with Dragonewt mercenaries to boot.

This also means that Illaro was also probably King of Dragon Pass but
since he failed the Quest for Tara at the time of his death, the
Tarshite chroniclers of the time did not accord him KoDP status. And
this was picked up and reiterated by the latter scribes down into the
pages of the CHDP.

So when Argrath in 1643 communes with Tara and becomes the Wild King,
his declaration of being King of Dragon Pass is reaffirmed in a hail
of Propoganda causing the Jonstown Chronicler to erronously date his
reign as KoDP from that time.

So hopefully we can wrap this thread up.

David Hall:

>Then in 1610 Moirades dies and is replaced by his son Pharandros.

>Note: Unfortunately, Pharandros was not such a powerful or strong
>character as his father (or, more likely, was an able man saddled
>with an impossible exchequer and Fazzur's ego) and as a result
>gained a bad, and even black, reputation. Therefore, in the subsequent
>histories of the period editors and writers often supposed that any
>good/clever actions attributed to the *King of Tarsh* must have been
>by Moirades and not by Pharandros - and changed the manuscript to fit

But it does _not_ fit the Genertela Book which tells us _unambigously_
that Moraides is still alive. Or perhaps David Hall thinks that
Argrath summoned Wyrms at Corflu to defend the Cradle? Why not have
Moraides retire to a Capri-type Villa and leave detested Pharandaros
to govern an increasingly bankrupt country. Thus whatever measures
he takes to make ends meet only reduces his popularity as the buck
stops at his desk (Moraides being untouchable when it comes to curbing
expenses). Then when Moraides dies in 1630, Pharandaros is so thoroughly
hated by everyone, that Civil War breaks out as Onjur the Poet and the
Fazzurites seek to prevent his accension to the throne.

Jeff Richard:

>The overwhelming majority of [fourth century] Esrolian
>men (and maybe women?) fall into the "trollkin class". They are not
>warriors, at best they form as half-baked militia.

A point of pedantry. Around the fourth century Trollkin start to
appear for the first time and the Esrolian militia is at least four
hundred years old. However it is said that Argan Argar taught the
trollkin how to use spears to make up for the loss of Trollpower.
Perhaps the OOO simply trained the Trollkin in the manner of
Esrolian militia than the other way around?

- --Peter Metcalfe


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