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>This fits well with the Goddess's ancient identity as Sedayna, the Black

This certainly caught my eye. Please tell more! Is there a connection
to Basko? etc. etc. Stuff about the Black Sun is of great importance
to me because the Bliss in Ignorance variety has a major (as yet
unrevealed) role in my campaign.

Pam again, on another subject:
>And there's always the "Seattle Solultion" - retire all the combat heavy
>PC's and have the everybody play farmers!

Some people would probably be very bored by that. I know that I and the
people I play RQ with would. On the other hand, if you don't like farming,
you can play high adventure stuff without combat monsters, so the theory
holds water. The characters in my campaign are sailors and traders, armed
with short swords, wits and an attitude.

On the original point of discussion, the power and usefulness of Sever
Spirit. If the PCs start abusing it, send them up against a chaotic
monster which reflects magic back at the caster or give the enemy priest
a big Reflection spell. Then after they see the result 'instant suicide'
declare that Sever Spirit victims can't be resurrected. Eh, well, that's
pretty cruel. Start with explaining the cultural context of the spell.

Paul Heinz on trolls:
>I don't subscribe to the 'no culture, no laws' view of trolls.
>In my view, female trolls do plenty of telling you what to do and
>what _not_ to do, particularly to male trolls.

I guess the females say to the males that they mustn't do this and
that _or else_, i.e. they use threats (fear) not explanations to
convince the males.

Sandy on Malkioni:
>Nils -- get a grip. There are no Gloranthan societies LESS tolerant
>than the theists. Consider --
>The Malkioni believe their religion is the best.
> So do theists. So?

Followed by an enumeration of the positive sides of malkionism, which
I am in no way want to argue against. I _don't_ think taht all Malkioni
are bad guys.

My only point is that there is a difference between saying that my
religion is better than my neighbour's and saying that my religion is
the only true religion. And that is what rubs me the wrong way about
the Malkioni.

On the other hand:

>The Malkioni believe that Orlanth, Yelm, etc. work just exactly
>like the theists say they do, and that these entities are just
>exactly _what_ the theists claim.
>The Theists believe that the Malkioni way of life is
>founded on a lie, and that all the Malkioni are doomed to oblivion
>or hell at death, and that everything the Malkioni believe is a lie.
>Who is less tolerant?

Which doesn't completely match my view of theist-malkioni interaction, but
it seems I'm wrong as usual.

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