David Boatright: bought to brooke

From: nickh@compans.com
Date: Wed 21 Feb 1996 - 09:26:09 EET

Nick Brooke makes some comments most of which look intentionally
double edged and as a result David Boatright suggests we enthrone him
as official Digest wanker.

This is grossly unfair as David Cake already holds that position.

David's claim is much the stronger being based on confession rather
than circumstantial evidence.
Digest #374, Cake, David:
> I blithely tossed off

If we, Nicks fans, are to raise him above David Cake or even Erik 'I
hide in the Loo with Lords of Terror' Sieurin we will have to get more

There again perhaps Nick was only pulling our legs ......... ah! Now I
see where the confusion crept in.

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