Sever Spirit

From: Lewis Jardine (
Date: Wed 21 Feb 1996 - 18:17:41 EET

Hi All
        I heartily agree with 99% of Pam's comments about Sever Spirit,
However, I have ALWAYS ruled that it also works on Undead with spirits.
After all they have Spirits and Humakt REALLY has it in for these guys.
Frex. Vampire leaps out at Humakti Sword, who points at him and goes
bang, you're dead! Much celebration back at the temple as there are
few better uses for the spell in their opinion.

As for thunderbolt and Sunspear (especially Thunderbolt) they have the
advantage of ignoring a MP v MP roll, but they only do 3d6 damage, thus
your really gross huge NPC monster, chaos thingy may well be able to
take it and then drool meanacingly at the party and say "that stung a bit".

Well, its nice to know other people like the big blat spells, my wife's
Orlanthi Priest/Lord has thunderbolt 7! which is really fun for me as
I get to play her shadow cat familiar in permanent mindlink with access
to all her spells...

        Zorin walks down street to be surprised by a collosal explosion
right behind him. Spins round dexterously to find himself confronted by
a smoking pair of boots. Sorry to startle you boss but he was creeping
up behind you with a dagger says the familiar.
        "Well why didn't you warn me?"
<It was more fun this way...>
<Do you want this rubble runner I just caught?>




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