A Storm Bull hymn

From: Joerg Baumgartner (joe@toppoint.de)
Date: Wed 21 Feb 1996 - 19:40:00 EET

With carnival (in the southern regions of Germany, up here in the north we
are way too serious for that kind of nonsense - as I prove by presenting
this translation... ;-) just over, and the best know German (former?) punk
band taking part in it, I found the inspiration for this Storm Bull hymn:

Bass voice(s, continuously, usually sung by the majority too drunk to sing
the verses):

Storm Bull, Storm Bull

The verses:

We kill all Chaos that we find,
and we're drinking ourselves slowly out of our mind,

For one thing we know sure as hell,
without booze there would be no berserk spell

Kumyss, uisge, beer and wine,
to our livers hell, but our kidneys feel fine,

One day we will meet our end,
in the Eternal Battle is where we will stand.

The verses are repeated over and over again. After one or two rounds of
singing the verses together, usually a kanon version is begun, by delaying
about one fifth each of those singers still able to follow through all the
verses. (The others may drink during the break.) Once through all the
verses, the singers may refresh themselves with a drink, then start with the
verses again. (Belching during the verses is encouraged, preferably in tune.)

The kanon has the added benefit that, as the spirits fly high and the
spirits pour down, singers still able to sing one of the verses can repeat
only that over and over again, fitting in into one of the scheduled turns
every time.

The whole arrangement accompanied by mugs or drinking horns clattering on
the table, swung axes, and whatever other items at hand to beat the rhythm.

(Melody: "Und die Jahre ziehn ins Land", a classical drinking song
interpreted by Die Toten Hosen:

"Storm Bull": Storm on c, Bull on G, a quart deeper.

Verse: e e e e e d c def f fgf edd d

Not that I think that the absolute values matter, or that they remain
unchanged during the presentation...)


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