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Dane explores the curvature of light toward the sky dome.

> eventually, something will be far enough away from
the man that all the light coming from it has been pulled up into the sky,

This would also cause a descrepancy between an object's true location and
its image over distance, and may make things like archery more difficult.
 Interesting, then, that only the sky cults have truely mastered
long-distance archery! Must be due to being "in tune" with the behavior of
light and vision in Glorantha.


To Lorenus of Harandash:

"Perhaps you might be interested in an historical account of how the
decadent Lunar citizenry came to add obscure parts of bizzare animals to
their culinary ideals.

"I believe it goes back to sacred dietary restrictions of 237 Laws of
Cleanliness. (Which, as you seem to be from Carmania, you may not be
familiar with.) These restrictions were discovered by the priests of
Yuthuppa, who watched the struggle of Antirius Across the Sky, and
 determined how his children below could aid him. Thus, the Important
People* were not allowed to eat the meat of bulls, goats, pigs, fish, or
birds on certain days, or eat nothing cooked in a certain week, nothing of
Earth in one week, nothing of Water in another, etc. This was Just and

"But people, forever tainted by Kazkurtum, grew tired of Just food. They
began to look for ways around the laws without actually breaking them.
  They claimed that hummingbirds, since they hover, are not really "birds".
 Snails are neither fish nor beast, so they can be eaten anytime.
 Newtlings- and most definately Walktapus - weren't mentioned in the sacred
texts at all! Aspic and butter (foul substance!) were completely ignored
the priests, so they became popular as well. And as the Empire spread and
encountered [foreign-subject-peoples], a plethora of exotic creatures have
become known to Those Who Cook*.

"[As-if-this-weren't-bad-enough], the Earth Bounds* and half-citizens,
always trying to mimic their betters, started to want these foods too.
 Being even more corrupted, they even wanted to eat unclean parts of
animals, such as tongues, feet, eyes, and other parts which have no words in
polite company. (Those rumors that the "starving peasants" discovered they
could eat almost anything are nothing but pernicious Lunar propoganda left
over from the Oslir War%). I believe this explains the deplorable state of
modern Lunar culinary preferences.

Now, those of us who still [know-Justice] and keep to the spirit of the
laws, eat only the grains and vegetables of the virtuous goddesses, the five
true meats only at the proper times, and the fruit of the sacred Yarm tree
only when it is ripe. Eating only these foods are also also maintains a
healthy body and a keen mind - [all-the-better-to-crush-the-unJust-with]!

Avivash, (formerly of House Durv'Henjar/Alkoth), Now (Unfortunately) of

Translator's notes:

1)* these capitalized phrases refer to castes or ritualized professions.

2)The hyphenated phrases within brackets are all frequently used, single
words in Dara Happan, but require whole phrases in other languages.
 Avivash, also a devout Shargashi, shouted this last word heartily, with a
slightly glazed expression.

3) % - "The Oslir War" is conservative Yelmic reference to the final Dara
Happan rebellion against the Red Goddess in 1270. The term "Oslir War"
avoids mentioning that Dara Happa was ever opposed to Takanegi, and that it
was utterly defeated.

James - at the DC con you have to throw a "I'd Rather Eat in Imther"

Wonderful extract from the Journals of Hypaxos!



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