Ernalda Rune Lords

From: Brad Furst (
Date: Wed 21 Feb 1996 - 22:49:49 EET

I don't have all my texts with me at this moment.
Although the RQII _Pavis_ "City Guide for the gamemaster" shows (on page 15)
that the Cult of Ernalda includes 5 Rune Priests
and 3 Rune Lords and 2 Rune Lord/Priests,
           ^^^^ ^^^^
I am not finding any parameter for such Lord qualifications, only just
Acolytes and Priestesses of Ernalda. I already understand that "priest" in
this context means "priestess." Are the listed Rune Lord types here
referring to the secret/outlawed Orlanthi Wind Lords?
Brad Furst


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