Zorak Zoran

From: Peter Metcalfe (P.Metcalfe@student.canterbury.ac.nz)
Date: Thu 22 Feb 1996 - 00:43:38 EET

David Cake:

>>However this does not gibe with troll perceptions of ZZ as a
>>Troll Death God or (IMO) human perceptions of him as the Dark
>>Side of Lodril.

> I'm not convinced that Monster Man is the Dark side of Lodril, more
>likely Lodrils great Enemy - a mistake an outsider might make, but never a

I wrote a reply to Pam's Query and posted it but obviously it's
been lost. Monster Man is a subcult of the Lodril Cult (White Wolf
Writeup). Whether he was originally a seperate person than Lodril
is not really relevant. He is _seen_ as the Dark Side of Lodril
in the same way that in Dara Happa, Arkat is seen as the Dark Side
of Nysalor but we know that he is a seperate person.

I do not believe that ZZ = Monster Man. What I was trying to say is
that originally ZZ was originally like Deshkorgos only that he was
for another region (Caladraland would be my guess). The Uz when they

entered the land took Zorak Zoran as the dark Side to Caladril and
moulded him according to their own inhuman perceptions (dropping all
the bits they didn't understand like three eyes, being an old man and
making a magical gesture and adding a few trollish touches) to get the
Trollish form we see now.

>So tell me who it is that believes that ZZ has three eyes, and we
>can come up with another theory.

My guess would be the Ramalians as they are bloodthirtsty isolationists
and close to the volcanic regions of either Caladraland or Meetinghall
and removed from trollish territory. The Fonritans do know of him but
I think that their cult of Zoraq is probably too exotic to be worth
discussing here.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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