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G'day all this is Andrew emailing,

Strangers in Prax has a nice section on pg 36 about the horizon on a flat
world and how this is basically the "indistinct band where sea and sky
become one" due to haze.

Food: This reminds me of a recent visit to the Hills of Imther (after RQ
Con DU where I took my visitors raspberry picking):

"The majority were "moon berries"* but we chanced on a small plant of
"sunberries"* that tasted identically delicious as the moon berries yet
were a beautiful golden colour. Asking one of the local farmers it turned
out that if a "moon berry" plant grows such that it is sheltered from the
moon but still receives sunlight they will in fact grow in their original
sunberry form.** Aparently the local myth explains that when Yelmgatha
died and the Red Emperor ascended the Footstool alone for the first time
all the sunberries in Dara Happa turned red in celebration of the
beginning of the Lunar Empire. The plants we were picking from had been
transplanted from Dare Happa when Imther was finally made part of the

When I commented on this novelty to my friend Nickolas back in Raibanth
it caused some consternation (As I found out later through another
friend in the Cult of the Red Goddess there are apparently some
obscure Yelmic legends dating back to the Oslir War that when sunberries
return to the fields of Dara Happa the Sun will rule again as in olden
times). The rumours that Dara Happan nobles are rushing around their
fields erecting shade cloth between some of their moon berry plants and
the Red Moon I am sure is just blasphemous nonsense>."

An extract from the personal diary of Andreus Leguminous of the Irripi
Ontor temple of Raibanth, (from a copy held in the files of The Spoken Word
office in Glamour). The file has a note saying "continue surveillance for
any further signs of impure knowledge or thoughts."

* The earthly equivalent that we ate in the hills of Tolangi around
Melbourne are raspberries and yellow raspberries. I had never seen yellow
ones before and they taste identical, although having a greater pectin
content that makes them good for jam making.

** sun berries of course date back to the first rising of Yelm when
the world was reformed (actually it may have been Antirius but the DH's
assume it had to be Yelm that gave the berries the golden colour after the
Great Darkness, not merely Antirius, there is no written record on such
mere agricultural information and the Lodrilites only use oral records

*** Apparently this is only a recent phenomenon of the past 20 years,
rumours that it actually stems from the beginning of the reign of
Argenteus are just that and surely any attempt to link his
"self-indulgent" rule with a weakening of moon powers on the mundane plane
is utter foolishness.

Cheers, Andrew


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