the colour of Suns

From: David Cake (
Date: Thu 22 Feb 1996 - 05:55:30 EET

>>This fits well with the Goddess's ancient identity as Sedayna, the Black
>This certainly caught my eye. Please tell more! Is there a connection
>to Basko? etc. etc. Stuff about the Black Sun is of great importance
>to me because the Bliss in Ignorance variety has a major (as yet
>unrevealed) role in my campaign.

        I think Pam has got it wrong. Sedenya is a False Sun, but not a
Black Sun. In one source Greg has written red, then scratched it out and
written blue on top (blue seems to make more sense to me). And I don't think
Sedenya, who is basically a planet or moon, has much to do with the Black
Sun, who seems to be Yelms shadow.


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