Lodril and his Monster

From: David Cake (davidc@cyllene.uwa.edu.au)
Date: Thu 22 Feb 1996 - 06:28:50 EET

> Monster Man is a subcult of the Lodril Cult (White Wolf

        I wasn't even aware of its existence. I really wish I had it myself.
        What does it say about him?

> Whether he was originally a seperate person than Lodril
>is not really relevant. He is _seen_ as the Dark Side of Lodril
>in the same way that in Dara Happa, Arkat is seen as the Dark Side
>of Nysalor but we know that he is a seperate person.

        It was more how his relationship with Lodril is seen, rather than
whether they are separate. He is definately a defeated enemy of Lodril,
while the 'Dark Side of' term to me implied a relationship more like
Gorgorma/ Dendara. I think he represents a good reason to worship Lodril by
showing how bad things were before Lodril, and he is also a servant, who
Lodril can release when the people do bad things. Compare Daga and Orlanth,
though Monster Man is far more important to the Lodrili than Daga is to the

>What I was trying to say is
>that originally ZZ was originally like Deshkorgos only that he was
>for another region

        And I don't think that ZZ is a figure much like
Deshkorgos/Derdromos. They have a few things in common, like monstrousness,
hunger, darkness, cruelty, etc. ANd I admit there are a few interesting
echoes in the myths (ZZ stealing Yelmalios fire, Derdromos stealing Lodrils
        But when it comes down to it, ZZ is a god of Death, not the God of
the Dead. Being God of the Dead is about ruling the Underworld, not at all
about killing people (everyone dies in the end anyway, why bother hurrying
it). I see the two roles as quite distinct, and I see ZZ and Monster Man
both fitting clearly into the two different roles. ZZ seems almost entirely
a surface world god, who kills people and sends them to the underworld.
Monster Man seems almost entirely an Underworld God.

        To put it one way, I think ZZ Esrolian earth pantheon counterpart
would be Maran Gor or Babeester Gor. But I think Monster Mans earth pantheon
counterpart is Ty Kora Tek.



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