Esrolian militia

From: Jeff Richard (
Date: Thu 22 Feb 1996 - 07:01:13 EET

Peter Metcalfe astutely noticed that I wrote:

>>The overwhelming majority of [fourth century] Esrolian
>>men (and maybe women?) fall into the "trollkin class". They are not=20
>>warriors, at best they form as half-baked militia.

and commented:

>A point of pedantry. Around the fourth century Trollkin start to
>appear for the first time and the Esrolian militia is at least four
>hundred years old. However it is said that Argan Argar taught the
>trollkin how to use spears to make up for the loss of Trollpower.
>Perhaps the OOO simply trained the Trollkin in the manner of
>Esrolian militia than the other way around?
        Peter is correct on my blatant use of post hoc ergo prompter hoc =
reasoning. Unfortunately I was writing from the POV of the 13th-14th =
century and I failed to determine the relationship between the early =
Esrolite (or would they still be Esrolvuli at that point?) militia and =
the trollking militia of the OOO. However, I certainly like Peter's =
suggestion that the OOO trained his trollkin in the manner of Esrolian =
militia rather than the other way around. Perhaps, the avatar of the =
OOO himself should answer this one: Mr. Peterson what is your take on =

        BTW, I apologize for the lack of structure in my previous postings. =
Editing has never been my strongest suit.

        Yours truly,

        Jeff Richard


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