The Feathered Lady; Deists; Monster Man

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So we now have *four* important ladies: Lady of the Wild (daughter of Kero
Fin and mate of demigods), Sorana Tor (the Earth Queen, whose temple is at
Kerofin), the Feathered Horse Queen (who may have been tutored at Kerofin),
and the Feathered Queen of the Windchildren* (of a different temple at

Then there's Yanasdros's wife, the Horse Goddess, who seems unconnected to
the mountain (except that at that time, the Grazers probably ranged near

Tarkalor married the "Feathered Queen" on [KoS.43], but their son was
buried with Grazer rites [KoS.44] so it seems that "Feathered Queen" and
"Feathered Horse Queen" can be used interchangeably. So maybe the Feathered
Queen has nothing to do with Windchildren. The FHQ and the Horse Goddess
are certainly connected, so that takes care of another separate entity. If
the Lady of the Wild mates with centaurs, she's probably in horse form too.
So that's one down. We're left with the Horse Queen and Sorana Tor. But
these seem related -- [KoS.227] talks about good times for the Earth Tribe
in the same breath, and the FHQ gains "help from below" [KoS.228],
presumably from below the ground.

So really it's the Earth that conveys sovereignty. Its center seems to be
Kerofin, and it can be incarnated in various important women. Kerofin is
the center of Dragon Pass, and one cannot claim to be King of Dragon Pass
(whatever significance that may have) without marrying her.

* I couldn't find a single reference to wind children in King of Sartar,
unless they're the winged people the anstanabli can't forgive [KoS.103].

Nils Weinander writes

>My only point is that there is a difference between saying that my
>religion is better than my neighbour's and saying that my religion is
>the only true religion. And that is what rubs me the wrong way about
>the Malkioni.

But don't deists claim that the Malkioni aren't even worshipping any god?

Peter Metcalfe asserts

>Deshkorgos (Monster Man) looks like
>Zorak Zoran, acts like him and is considered a subcult of Lodril

Deshkorgos and Derdromus are both called Monster Man; I'm not convinced
that all gods who have this title are necessarily the same, given how
generic it is. Still, it does seem to be applied to bad gods who live
underground. But I see no evidence that trolls are at all related --
there's only one mention of digijelm living underground, and Zorak Zoran is
referred to as the Cruel God, in distinction to Monster Man. Trolls are of
the night or the north -- maybe Asharthcha is their god :-)


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