Glorantha has got a horizon!

Date: Thu 22 Feb 1996 - 07:43:37 EET

G'day all,

The Beanster:
>Strangers in Prax has a nice section on pg 36 about the horizon on a flat
>world and how this is basically the "indistinct band where sea and sky
>become one" due to haze.

As one of the original playtest/error-trappers for SiP I objected strenuously
to this boxed section on the simple but essential grounds of MGF. It
is more fun, in my opinion, to have Glorantha as a Flat world with a
horizon, because it means we have to invent cheesily-pseudo-scientific
reasons *why* this can be so. Please note in the Coders section at the
front of the book, the Moon Boat comes from the "eastern horizon" and departs

the same way.




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