Re: Glorantha Digest V2 #394

From: Richard Ohlson (
Date: Thu 22 Feb 1996 - 08:50:49 EET

Sandy replied to my hosing of a PC thusly:

>>Sure. Try THIS:
>> In my sorcery rules, spell skill is rather easy to get. You
>>get points just for keeping a spell maintained for a week. In
>>addition, trying to up a spell via research or training is
>>significantly better than with other skills (you get a full 1d6
>>increase instead of 1d6-2). Finally, the various Arcane Arts are

I think I SERIOUSLY misunderstood a basic part of this system. The Arts,
like Intensity and Range, for instance DON'T HAVE SKILL PERCENTAGES ANYMORE.
(Correct me if I'm wrong...) Ok, so the only things that matter are your
skill in the spell, and your presence. Wow, that makes a heck of a
difference. yeah, sure, I'll give him a bunch of points in spells...sheesh!
Don't know how I missed that...

Rich "Hasni Mubarak" Ohlson


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