Moraides Death

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Date: Thu 22 Feb 1996 - 11:00:16 EET

Joerg Baumgartner:

On Argrath's conquest of Tarsh:

>(Note that the Northern text, read alone on p.28, fails to make sense.
>Whom did Mularik kill "in the manner of his homeland"?)

Pharandros and Estal Donge, I would have thought. The place to which
they were supposedly exiled (the City of Wonders) vanished of the face
of the earth in 1624 when Harrek sacked it. Saying they had been exiled
there seems to me a polite fiction to cover up their brutal murder at
the hands of Mularik because Estal 'had once helped out some friends of
Argrath'. I don't think Moraides is still alive when Tarsh is conquered
for the Sartarite King list also says that Pharandros is King at this
time and doesn't mention his death during the conquest of Tarsh. It
doesn't subscribe to 'Moraides dies in 1610' that is found in the Tarsh
King List for 'Moraides Generals' are mentioned as commanding the Lunar
Army at the battle of Queens in 1627.

Moreover, the Grazer List of Jandetin the Avenger which Joerg cites
'killed the evil king', has no evidence firmly linking him to the
invasion of Tarsh other than the Saga whereas I would have expected
the Sartar king List to have mentioned this.

I think that since Moraides death takes place in 1631 (according to
the thesis that he ruled for 52 years), his death sparks the beginning

of the Third Tarshite Civil War. The Sartar King List places
Argrath as invading Tarsh in '1631 and 1632' and the 'Events of my
Life' notes that in "1632 ...[Argrath] Leads attack on Tarsh" and
"1634 Siege of Furthest. Mularik storms the walls".

My proposal is this: Moraides was killed in a raid lead by Jandetin
the Killer in 1631. Tarsh then fell into a protracted civil war
which was excerbated by repeated raids by the Sartarites. The war
was not concluded by Argrath's raids to support the Fazzurites
(despite CHDP's apparent say-so). With the aid of Mularik's Troops,
Argrath led an army into Tarsh a couple of years later and besieged
Furthest. Mularik managed to storm the walls of Furthest capturing
and then killing King Pharandros and Estal Donge after some debate
with his fellows. This prompted the Empire to take notice of the
situation in Tarsh and kick Argrath's ass at the Battle of Yoran.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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