Re: Dinosaurs, skullbushes

From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Thu 22 Feb 1996 - 17:55:22 EET

>But then again, we're talking Glorantha; fantasy. So I too say why
not have >feathered dinosaurs, or frolicking, agile, warm-blooded
Praxian hunting >theropods, or chameleon-skinned Stinking Forest
        Because in Glorantha, dinosaurs are the creatures of the
Earth, and it is inappropriate for them to be bird-like. They should
either be draconic or reptilian.

John R. Hutchinson
>Anyway, I guess I do have something worthwhile to say: I'm
wondering about >skullbushes -- the stories surrounding them (and
their pollinators, the >skullbats), etc. They appear to be an
important plant species in Prax, so the >natives must have many
interesting myths and traditions concerning them. How do >they
explain the bat connection (i.e. Plants and Darkness?)? What's the
story >behind the skull motif?
        I invented the skullbushes from scratch, because I wanted
to give an example of a potentially interesting plant that would
obviously have superstitions grown up around it, and that would be a
little creepy to players (skull-like fruit, bats, etc.). When I did
this, I hoped that these superstitions, myths, and old wives tales
would be written by players. I haven't seen many. Perhaps a plant
which doesn't move around and try to eat you, or which isn't
magical, is ignored by most folks. *sigh*

Sandy P. Still waiting for the definitive skullbush legend.


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