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Date: Fri 23 Feb 1996 - 02:13:00 EET

I finally come to a general agreement with Peter Metcalfe...

>>(Note that the Northern text, read alone on p.28, fails to make sense.
>>Whom did Mularik kill "in the manner of his homeland"?)

>Pharandros and Estal Donge, I would have thought. The place to which
>they were supposedly exiled (the City of Wonders) vanished of the face
>of the earth in 1624 when Harrek sacked it. Saying they had been exiled
>there seems to me a polite fiction to cover up their brutal murder at
>the hands of Mularik because Estal 'had once helped out some friends of

Colourful explanation. Anyone against it?

Still I pose that Harrek has done little else than push the Fading Land of
the City of Wonders (like e.g. the Castle Blue, or the Hidden Greens) a bit
farther into the realm of myth. To get there, one now has to penetrate
deeper into the realm of myth than in the lifetime of the Pharaoh in the
mundane plane, or the early period of his imprisonment wherever Jar-eel left

A City of Wonders totally off Glorantha is less game fun than one still
accessible, although only under great magics (like summoning one of the
chief magicians or rulers of each Sixth?). After all, from Brithos there
remained Old Trade (any ideas who lives there, now, and whether they have
contacts to the rest of Brithos?), and people continue their attempts to

reach the rest of the old land.

>I don't think Moraides is still alive when Tarsh is conquered

Neither do I. I can subscribe to Peter's picture placing the Grazer raid
directly before the Sartar intervention in the civil war.

>I think that since Moraides death takes place in 1631 (according to
>the thesis that he ruled for 52 years)

Or 1630, given the fact that begun years often are counted as full years by
pre-modern historians. Given the speculative nature of the dates in KoS
after 1625 (though somewhat reliable up to 1643), this +-1 margin is
actually a good confirmation.

>My proposal is this: Moraides was killed in a raid lead by Jandetin
>the Killer in 1631. Tarsh then fell into a protracted civil war
>which was excerbated by repeated raids by the Sartarites. The war
>was not concluded by Argrath's raids to support the Fazzurites
>(despite CHDP's apparent say-so). With the aid of Mularik's Troops,
>Argrath led an army into Tarsh a couple of years later and besieged
>Furthest. Mularik managed to storm the walls of Furthest capturing
>and then killing King Pharandros and Estal Donge after some debate
>with his fellows. This prompted the Empire to take notice of the
>situation in Tarsh and kick Argrath's ass at the Battle of Yoran.

My dates would be 1630 for the death of Phargentes, 1631 for the conquest of
Furthest, 1634 for the betrothal of Argrath to about 4-year-old Inkarne and
Mularik's death, and 1635 for Yoran. (IMO the empire didn't respond earlier
because Beatpot Aelwrin incited a rebellion in Aggar in the meantime, and
there were both white moon riots in the Heartlands and nomad raids in the
Redlands. Plus the possible threat from Charg, whatever it may be.) With the
caveat on dates after 1625 above, we are not that far apart that a
discussion would yield anything but picked nits.


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