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From: Barbara Braun (
Date: Fri 23 Feb 1996 - 03:28:43 EET

G'day all this is the Beanster emailing,

The MOBster puts forward the eminently good point that we should all
encourage cheesily scientific theories (keeps the Lankhor Mhy's busy). If
anyone is really interested they can look up any good year 11 physics
textbook or encyclopedia where there is an extensive discussion on
mirages, etc. caused by hot air bending light into all sorts of weird
curves giving rise to ships that appear to be flying through the air
above the ocean, Morgaine's palaces (floating sea ice that gets doubled
in height so it looks like a several storey building) and other groovy

Also Dane consider that light from the top of the object could be
reflected towards the ground and then curve up. Mind you if light always
started off parallel to the ground from objects after reflection then
the bottom of buildings, walls could apear first. (people are too small
to really give the feet first effect, barring giants of course).

However the key thing is that Gloranthans will have adapted to curving
light so that they will know that although the object appears to be up
the sides of a bowl in the distance, they won't actually need to put on
their climbing boots since it is still a flat plain. Which would tend to
obviate the problem, except for MGF reasons.

Question for MOB: How did the moon boat aproach from the eastern horizon
when the Empire and Glamour are to the northwest of Pavis ??? Do moon
beams go around corners or get bounced off the skydome ??

Lunar citizenship:

Aleham Ratsbane finally obtained Lunar Citizenship as a reward for saving
Temertain from an assassination by invisible assailants. So being a
lieutenant had never been enough so far.

Also when I read his character the first thing that came to mind is that
well his clan is probably only 5 generations off being storm worshippers.
Although he was absolutely dedicated to Tarsh and Red Goddess (and hated
Dara Happan snobs passionately) he probably could have quite easily got
on well with any of the Orlanthi tribal chiefs, once they had had a bath.

So I wonder if the Tarshites aren't just Orlanthi culture at heart with a
veneer of Lunar civilisation. After all the Sartarites would have been
cattle raiding them before the Lunars took over and thus been those ugly
bastards over the hills both before and after the Lunarisation.

 Cheers, Andrew


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