Sandy on Power-gaming

From: Edward S. Tonry (
Date: Fri 23 Feb 1996 - 05:01:11 EET

In support of Sandy's comments on power-gaming, here's a brief episode
that happened in our campaign several years ago:

The party was travelling through Sartar when they came upon some bandits
attacking a farm. They easily beat the bandits, killing all but two, one
badly wounded on the ground, and one who surrendered. One of the PC's,
Marvin by name (played by a power-gamer wannabe), rode his horse on top
of the wounded bandit and trampled him to death. He also wanted to kill
the other bandit, but the rest of the party stopped him.

They took the surviving bandit to the nearest town and turned him over to
the authorities. To Marvin's surprise, the bandit accused him of
murdering his partner. The victim _had_ tried to yield, throwing down
his weapon and begging for mercy. So, the constable locked Marvin up in
the next cell to the bandit. Marvin's trial was scheduled for the next
morning, and his execution for the afternoon. (His friends rescued him,
but that's another story.)

The player still tries to power-game (not that I'll let him), but he has
been a little more willing to take prisoners.

Ed Tonry


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