Hwarin and The Isles

From: Jeff Richard (jrichard@cnw.com)
Date: Fri 23 Feb 1996 - 06:51:22 EET

Peter commented on my badly edited compilation of ideas:

>>Right now I am toying with the idea that when Hon-Eel gained the
>>allegiance of the Orlanthi of Sylilia and Saird, she introduced
>>Red Goddess worship into the ruling clan's worship ceremonies
>>WITHOUT suppressing the Cult of Orlanth and without forcing a
>>neo-Dara Happan myth-language into the Red Goddess cult. I believe
>>this was done by "translating" Red Goddess mysticism into the Orlanthi
>>"myth-language" instead of the modern (post-Sheng) Lunar approach of
>>forcing a neo-Dara Happan translation of the Orlanthi "myth-language"
>>on the conquered tribes.

>I presume you mean Hwarin Dalthippa (Hon-eel is post Sheng) here.

True enough Peter. Originally, Joerg and I were discussing Hon-Eel and the Tarshites
but the concept soon back-dated itself to Hwarin Dalthippa. I, in my usual editing
carelessness, neglected to type "Hwarin Dalthippa" instead of "Hon-Eel".

>I don't think Lunar Mysticism can be 'translated' into Orlanthi anymore
>than Illumination can be translated onto a piece of paper. If you are
>importing a new concept, you tend to import new jargon that goes along
>with it (frex, when alcohol was isolated during the 12th Century CE,
>the west generally applied the arabic name to the substance because
>the knowlege of distilling it had come from them rather than apply any
>number of decent names for booze they had).

Could Early Christianity (a Mediterranean mystery cult that could be viewed as an odd
synthesis of Judaism and the Greco-Mediterranean mystery cults rampant at the time) be
translated into the "mythic languages" of the Celts, Germans, and Slavs? IMO, for Lunar
mysticism to have any significant popular support in the Provinces it must be "translated" into

a symbology that can be understood, not just intellectually but spiritually. Since Lunar mysticism
does have some popular support amongst the South Pelorian "Orlanthi", ipso facto it has been
"translated" out of Nick Brooke's Dara Happan/ neo-Pelandran "myth language" and into
an "Orlanthi" symbology. Next point.

>>The Isles: Not "Orlanthi". I think the Islanders are outside of the
>>parameters of Over-Cult and are true foreigners. To be honest, I
>>suspect that their native tongue is non-Theyalan.
>This is the Ygg's Isle, Three Steps and Ginorth folk? Or the Rightarm

The Rightarm Islanders. Since Joerg and I have a nasty tendency to forget that not all of
Glorantha's scholars recognize that Kethaela is the center of all civilization (imagine those
vicious northern barbarians claiming to be even our equals), I simply assumed that our fellow
scholars would understand that "The Isles" are "The Isles".

Yours truly,

Jeff Richard


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