Celestial Light

From: Nick Brooke (100270.337@compuserve.com)
Date: Fri 23 Feb 1996 - 10:59:07 EET

Ian G. writes:

> A flat surface and upward curving light should look almost indistinguish-
> able from a downward curved surface and straight light in near and moderate
> distances, it will have weird effects for astronomical observations where
> the distances are very large and the curvature becomes extreme.

This is (of course) why I proposed that pure, clean Celestial Light, powered by
Aether as it descends from the Sky Dome, should travel in straight lines.
There's enough weird effects in the Gloranthan Sky to be getting on with, IMHO,
without making us all put on thinking caps every time we want to look at the sky
at night.

Peter M. writes:

> The Hills of Gold seems to be an untamed magical area that is permanently
> active as opposed to the Emperor's Ziggurat in Raibanth. Hence my belief
> that something went Wrong in the making.

If you read the myths of the Great Darkness, it certainly looks like something
went Badly Wrong: AFAIK, no Emperor was crowned outside Dara Happa as a result
of the desperate and contested attempts to make one on the Hill of Gold, while
the enemies of Fire and Light did rather well out of it. Maybe the bright guys
screwed up because there *was* an Emperor?

However, I'd dispute the claim that the Emperor's Ziggurat in Raibanth isn't
"permanently magically active". Try climbing up onto it and horsing around, and
your life won't be worth living...

Just because civilised magic is usually better controlled than weirdo barbarian
and nomad and primitive wild magics, doesn't mean it doesn't work.



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