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From: Peter Metcalfe (P.Metcalfe@student.canterbury.ac.nz)
Date: Fri 23 Feb 1996 - 12:51:06 EET

Joerg Baumgartner:

>>Could you please spell out what is causing your problem? You seem
>>to be radically changing the date of Pharandros's birth on the grounds
>>that Moraides is unlikely to have married a fourteen year old girl
>>(which is not unusal in the middle ages BTW).

>I am having second thoughts about Moirades' impregnating of a 13 year old,
>i.e. hardly initiated into the rites of the women's cult.

So what if Moraides prefers little girls? We've uncovered a character
defect. Puritanisim shouldn't really play a part in this. And what
does 'hardly initiated into the rites of the women's cult' have to do
with her eligibility be married or get pregnant?

>Remember that
>Gloranthan years are shorter than Terran years, thus a 13-year-old
>Gloranthan is roughly the biological equivalent to a 9-year-old Terran.

Pshaw. Merely make the biological _days_ slightly longer to compensate.
Trying to correct peoples real ages by the fact that Gloranthan years
are shorter than RW years misses the point. Or perhaps one should
calculate the reduced yield of crops because of the shortened year?

Jeff Richard:

>>I don't think Lunar Mysticism can be 'translated' into Orlanthi anymore
>>than Illumination can be translated onto a piece of paper.

>Could Early Christianity (a Mediterranean mystery cult that could be
>viewed as an odd synthesis of Judaism and the Greco-Mediterranean
>mystery cults rampant at the time) be translated into the "mythic
>languages" of the Celts, Germans, and Slavs?

We seem to be having crossed wires over Lunar Mysticism. I understood
this to mean the deeper secrets of the Lunar Way as not all Lunars are
mystics. One can express the basic outlines of faith but one would be
hard pressed to explain the deeper philosophies without the other
person having some familiarity with what on earth you are talking about.
Frex, the conversion of a German to Christianity does not imbue him with
any ability to comprehend the Trinity and know why the bloke in the
middle HAD to die. After all he did nothing wrong. Why didn't he skip
the country? To understand this, he has to learn the new theology. Of
course once he's word perfect with the basic rudiments, he can adapt
some of his old myth-language to complement his understanding of the
new but such adaptions are little more than linguistic borrowings.

>IMO, for Lunar mysticism to have any significant popular support
>in the Provinces it must be "translated" into a symbology that can be
>understood, not just intellectually but spiritually. Since Lunar
>mysticism does have some popular support amongst the South Pelorian
>"Orlanthi", ipso facto it has been "translated" out of Nick Brooke's
>Dara Happan/neo-Pelandran "myth language" and into an "Orlanthi"

For starters, most people that join the Lunar Way when their country
has been conquered do so because they want to get into the good books
of the conquerers. They make an effort to understand the myth-language
of the conquerers so they can participate in the Lunar Way rather than
the other way around IMO. This is really no different from learning
New Pelorian so as to be nice and helpful to the Soldiers in the
expectation that they will give you favourable treatment.

On a more philosophical note, the myth-language actually biases you
into worshipping the gods you do. If I were to study the Qu'ran
then jump and and shout 'Allahu Akbar!', much of my old myth-language
would be meaningless in Islam. Muslims AFAIK do not go around
converting people by saying 'Muhammad is the Son of God' or 'Muhammad
is the Messiah' which are valid myth-language translations.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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