Porchango Cuisine.

From: mr happy (ajbehan@tcd.ie)
Date: Fri 23 Feb 1996 - 14:19:00 EET

From: Bibishar@aol.com
> IMHO, such "meals" are best left to my enemies.( And, BTW,
> Porchangar's meals are definintely Lunar. I know; I have the cookbook -
> bleh!)

I am GMing a campaign in which the present villains are a clan whose hunters
prey on Blue Hairs: Maran Gor Pig-dogs which were altered by Pocharngo in the
Great Darkness, so that they can eat gorp. (The clan elders are Pocharngoists
who make gorp like nobodies business.) Given their diet the BH are mobile sacks
of slime with no innards. Before the PCs realized what was going on they accepted
the Meat Gift from a group of hunters.

Of course, in the tradition of "Bad Taste", the Blue Hair goo was
delicious beyond their wildest dreams.
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Andrew Behan


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