How to Become a Lunar Citizen

From: Andrew Joelson (
Date: Fri 23 Feb 1996 - 16:21:09 EET

Kevin of Darling Keep:

> Kevin, darling, you want to know how to become a full Lunar Citizen? Let me
> tell you how _I_ did it.
> First, .......(large excerp)
> .... to sign it - all they want is silver.
> And there you have it!
> Terpetia Bosky, Etyries Entrepreneur
> ------

        "Funny, nobody's even _asked_ if I'm a Citizen for years; not since I
became a priest of the Seven Mothers..."

Rupert von Harl, Priest of the Seven Mothers & Lay member of Humakt


Andrew the Beanster:

As far as 'Lunarized Orlanthi' are concerned, I always thought of them as
followers of Ernalda=Barntar instead of Ernalda=Orlanth. They still hold
with many/most of the typical 'orlanthi' customs, but the storm emphasis
is missing.....


PS Glorantha-Con IV, January 24th-26th 1997, Ramada Hotel O'Hare (Chicago)
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