Arrows vs. Light

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Fri 23 Feb 1996 - 19:24:00 EET

Nick Brooke proves that light has to curve via an archery example:
>Certainly true. If you fire an arrow at a target that's a long way away, it's
>more likely you'll miss him. This is empirically true, and (to my mind) proves
>the curved-light theory beyond reasonable doubt ;-)

It still leaves me with the question why fired arrows curve down instead of
up, as light rays should.

And how does lightning move in comparison to javelins?

>The theory that sight works through rays emanating from the eyes was cooked up
>by some Greek (I'm at work and don't have my books handy), and held its own in
>the classical world for centuries, so I don't think we need worry that it's
>completely untenable.

Then this is how people feel that they are watched? And may it be not only
rude but actually slightly hurting to stare? How would glasses and lenses
affect this?


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