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Date: Fri 23 Feb 1996 - 20:00:47 EET

Regarding the latest Tinglet story: Pretty cool stuff. But being
intimately acquainted... yes, even married to... the player who created
Gommorah, I feel compelled to point out a few historical innaccuracies
in the Gommorah section. First, and most importantly, the writer is
obviously ignorant of the fact that after extracting herself from the
deadly cult of Gorgorma (at the very reasonable price of the head of
the Teela Nori preistess of the Hold), Gommorah joined the cult of
Orlanth Adventurous, to which she remains a loyal devotee to this day.
The thought of her actually meditating on the Red Moon (shudder) is
purely the invention of the storyteller, who doubtlessly feels
compelled to put a pro-Lunar slant on the tale. It will be interesting
to see if he acknowledges that after the stilleto, Gommorah's weapon of
choice is not the politically correct scimitar, but the regressive
aerocentric broadsword. The implication that Gommorah was mistreated
by Lunar soldiers while a refugee in Esrolia may also be a distortion.
Whether Gommorah was actually sexually assaulted has never been made
clear. Certainly _she_ would maintain that her hatred of the Lunars
(long un-sullied by the ironic knowledge that she was herself one of
them) came from the fact that the legionaires killed her Nurse, who at
the time, Gommorah believed to be her biological mother.

All in all, though, fun stuff as usual.



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