Seeing Brithos

From: Neil Robinson (
Date: Fri 23 Feb 1996 - 21:18:11 EET

Neil Robinson here. It took over two weeks after returning from Down Under,
but I'm finally caught up (on the Daily anyway)....

In Digest V02.402, Joerg writes:
>After all, from Brithos there remained Old Trade (any ideas who lives
>there, now, and whether they have contacts to the rest of Brithos?),
>and people continue their attempts to reach the rest of the old land.

Of course Brithos is still there. Ask any Brithini remaining at Old Trade
and they will tell you so. It has always been so, and always will.
Personally, I believe that any Brithini there would be unwilling to admit
the rest of the place is gone for fear of aging.


P.S. As the Canadian representative at RQ-Con Down Under, I must offer
thanks to my terrific hosts for a wonderful time - Paul Heinz & Vivienne
Wilson, Trev Ackerly (the non-drinking Australian) and Phil Green, Andrew
Bean and his parents, and John and Phillippa Hughes. Oh, and we can't
forget about MOB's incredible efforts either. I only hope that we Canucks
(and Pacific Northwestern Yanks) can duplicate the feat with GloranthaCon V
in Victoria, BC - July 1997.

Neil Robinson I realize I hold the key to freedom
nrobinso@Direct.CA I cannot let my life be ruled by threads
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