Master, Hast Thou Forgotten?

From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Fri 23 Feb 1996 - 22:49:57 EET

Saint Boris writes:

> First Sandy, next Nick and the rest of RMM, then Greg and the world!
> Bow down before me, all ye Squids, and give praise!

Nick, Apostle of Boris to the Unbelievers
>Master: it was I, Nick, who brought the errant sinner Petersen
into your fold.
>I, and I alone, who convinced him of the virtues of Saint Boris. I
who sucked
>the vile Chaotic Sins out of him and into Timmy the White Rabbit,
who was so
>nearly overwhelmed by the weight of accumulated, unshriven EVIL
within Petersen
>that he gained seven new Reverse Chaotic Features from the experience.

        Tragically, the seventh Reverse Chaos Feature was "Reflect
Chaos Feature", so the next eighteen features that were due him from
my shriving instead all took full effect on Sandy "Mutatis"



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