Cheese, glorious cheese!

From: D. Pearton (
Date: Fri 23 Feb 1996 - 23:59:35 EET

David Duham (who can't be the holder of the David rune because he has a
beard and a _real_life_!) impunges the noble cheese:

> You must mean meta-game fun, not maximum game fun, since inventing cheesy
> explanations for Gloranthan physics seldom has any impact on actual play.
> fall down) and sometimes different (light bends). But then, I like my
> pizzas with extra toppings, not extra cheese.

Obviously this David from the obscure Dun-hamlet has not heard of the
glorious cheeses of Imther. Why, the fame of our healing cheeses has
even spread to the far-off barbarous land of Ralios (where they falsely
claim to have invented the concept). The cheeses of Imther are lovingly
crafted from the milk of goats and cows from the high medows where the
clover is sweet and the grasses luxurious under the appel orchards.
There is nothing in Glorantha can compare to sitting high in the moutains
with a great Imtherian cheese and a flask of cold cider. Let the
decadent lunars keep their walktapus and herdman, we know the real way to

David of the many Pears

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