Re: poor choice of analogy

Date: Sat 24 Feb 1996 - 02:45:54 EET

In Glorantha Digest V2 #402, Peter Metcalfe writes:

>I don't think the Caladralanders qualify as Orlanthi. The clan laws
>have been modified by the God Learners under the guise of the Volcano
>Twins. They do speak a related language but this does not mean that
>their myth-language (paradigm is what I use) is the same as the Orlanthi
>anymore than the myth-language of the Muslim Indian is the same as
>that of the Hindu.

Uh, actually there are parts of India, such as the Sundarbans, where the
Muslims and Hindus DO have the same myth-language. Same holy men, same
sacrifices to the same Tiger God of the Swamp, all down the line. In the
subcontinent as a whole, there are myth-language gradations of geography and
class from strict Sunnis in the big cities of Pakistan through Shi'ites,
Sufis, and Sikhs, to monotheistic Hindus, to polytheistic non-rationalized
devotional people nominally Hindu or Muslim. Any bright lines you see are
illusions, mere handy categories.

- --Martin


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