Hymn to Yelm

From: Argrath@aol.com
Date: Sat 24 Feb 1996 - 02:45:58 EET

I had some time and a blank sheet of paper today, so I wrote the following.
 I leave it to the net pundits to tell me when and where this was written
(maybe even by whom).

The Sun hurries to the Zenith.
All on the mucky earth raise
their weak and paltry eyes
to receive the gaze of the All-Giver.
Where there was discord,
now there is Order.
Where there was ignorance,
now there is Knowledge.
Where there was nothing,
now there is All.

Praise to the All-Giver,
Lover of Life!
Praise to the All-Wise
All-Father, Keeper of Wisdom!
Praise to the Life Lord,
Bringer of Marriage!
Praise to the Burning God,
Pure and Blessed!

We did not know our weakness and ignorance.
We did not see our misery and ugliness.
We did not live except in cacaphony and wrong action.
While the Sun beams down upon us,
we live in strength and true thought,
we live in glory and beauty,
we exult in harmony and right action!
- -----------
 I don't think it's Dara Happan of the pre-Lunar period, based on the "Lover
of Life" and "Bringer of Marriage" lines, but that could just be my
prejudices. The latter is especially problematical, because Yelm didn't
invent marriage in any mainstream canonical tradition. It may signify that
relations without the Light of the Sun are not Pure and Upright as in Yelmic
marriage. The "Burning God" reference is also non-DH, it seems, with its
emphasis on Yelm's Fiery, rather than Light-Giving, aspect.

Translator's Note:
The word translated "Blessed" in the last line of the second stanza could
just as easily be translated "Holy," in the sense of being radically other,
or "Sacred" as opposed to mundane. "Right action" is one word in most
Pelorian languages, as are "wrong action" and "true thought." I eschewed the
use of the English "orthopraxy" and "heteropraxy" for obvious reasons. (The
latter would be a neologism in any event.)

- --Martin Crim


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