Chaotic maths

From: Paul Honigmann (
Date: Sat 24 Feb 1996 - 18:55:43 EET


  has it occurred to anyone that Numerology would make a rather neat
cult in an RQ campaign's background?

  I have in mind a bunch of Doomsday Nutters who could provide comic
  There are a number of things which their prophets could preach about.
Apart from the obvious breakthroughs in Chaos Theory by Lunar scholars
("don't believe their Gbaji-inspired lies about the purity of maths!")
there could be an Atyar cultist around spreading the heresy of Irrational
Numbers, who the Doomsday Nutters are trying to find. (Did you know there

was a real secret society, the Pythagoreans, founded by the Greek
mathematician of the same name, who knew that Pi was irrational and were
convinced that this knowledge had to be kept from the public?)... this
could lead to their Divinations (based on numerical or astrological
calculations, of course) pointing to your PC's as the culprits. Of course
in the end it's all found to be a Terrible Mistake, they divided by 2 instead
of multiplying...
  I also see such types as being convinced of the Luck (good & bad) of
certain numbers, and continually leaping to wild conclusions about PC's
based on statistical half-truths. And the World will End in the year
1634... or is it 1643?
  Well, that's enough waste of bandwidth!

  Paul Honigmann

  this is partly a test message as I'm not too familiar with e-mail yet so
I hope I amn't committing some heinous breach of netiquette...


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