Re: Political Correctness

From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Sat 24 Feb 1996 - 20:44:03 EET

>Erik said that the Lords of Terror write up refers to scorpion men
>as "she" probably out of a sense of political correctness
        The Lords of Terror writeup refers to Scorpion Men as "she"
because their leaders are almost exclusively female, being a
matriarchal society.
        Don't sweat "scorpion man". It's no more supposed to be
gendered than when you call a dog a "dog" you're referring to the
proper terminology for a male canine (which it is). That said, the
term "Scorpion Maid" has enormous appeal for me, especially when I
think of the huge pasty-white blubbery horror lurking in the Queen's
Cavern for her lucky lovers-for-a-day.



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