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Date: Sat 24 Feb 1996 - 22:00:59 EET

>are trolls cold-blooded or at least less warm-blooded than humans?
        I don't think this is a Gloranthan differentiation, just as
it wasn't considered on Earth before metabolism became studied.

Anyway, are trolls warm-blooded?
        Yes, if by "warm-blooded" you mean "maintains body
temperature via metabolism rather than behavior".
        No, if by "warm-blooded" you mean "maintains a high body

I think that a troll's breath is cold and reeking, that his hands
are icy, and that his skin is normally clammy and repellent. But I
don't think that he has to "bask" in the sun to raise his
temperature, and I don't think he slows down in the cold. I also
don't believe that he does the reverse -- I think that, like humans,
he maintains a fairly constant activity rate regardless of the
ambient temperature.

Sandy P.

        A lizard's body temperature is normally quite high, and
remains high and fairly constant throughout the day. However, he
keeps it constant by basking, seeking shade (when too hot), etc.
During the night, his temperature drops.
        A bumblebee maintains a temperature in his thorax that is
10-20 degrees warmer than the surrounding air on cold days. His
abomen and head are allowed to cool down, because they don't need
the extra heat, but the thorax does, or his wing muscles won't be
able to lift him. By the way, that's why bumblebees are fuzzy --
it's insulation, just like it seems.
        A number of pelagic fish, including tuna, keep a high
temperature in the core of their body, so that their muscles are
more efficient for swimming. They are true warm-blooded creatures,
as much so as any bird or mammal. On the other hand, certain mammals
have only imperfect body temperature maintainence. Sloths, for
instance, don't maintain a temperature significantly above the
ambient. Some shrews go into hibernation torpor _every_night_!

Sandy P.


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