Re: Nils' last Malkioni Slam

From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Sat 24 Feb 1996 - 22:52:00 EET

>My only point is that there is a difference between saying that my
>religion is better than my neighbour's and saying that my religion is
>the only true religion. And that is what rubs me the wrong way about
>the Malkioni.
        Yes, the Malkioni have a qualitatively different approach
to their religion. They believe that all theistic and shamanistic
religions are materialistic, stuck on a lower plane, while their own
contacts a higher existence. If they're right, then their religion
_is_, by their lights, the only true Gloranthan religion. No one
else gets to Solace in Glory.

David Dunham:
>But don't deists claim that the Malkioni aren't even worshipping
any god?

>How much does that differ in theory from a passive and invisible god?
        Quite a bit, really. Think about it.

Sandy P.


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