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From: Kevin Rose (
Date: Sun 25 Feb 1996 - 08:52:54 EET

The only published note (that I can thing of offhand) on how long the
gestation period in Glorantha was in the Runequest Companion, in "The
Smell of a Rat." In it Zero, asks the rhetorical question of his superior
"What is it that people take a year to do?" This is part of the process
of explaining that the father of her secret child is an ogre.

As a normal pregancy on earth takes about 40 weeks this would be about 1
year on Glorantha. However this is supposedly not the case, as 1 year is
no longer equal to 42 weeks on earth, now being equal to 52 weeks. (Or so
the statement I saw implied.)

My opinion is that, like curving light, this is unnecessarily complex and
will cause more problems than it fixes. I it is easier to assume that it
works 42 weeks on Glorantha=42 weeks on earth (multiply ages by 4/5) than
it is to try to rethink all the things that take a given time. For
example, menstral cycle on earth is roughly 28 days. How long is it on
Glorantha? How far can a man march in a day, as obviously the day is 20%
longer? Or are Glorantha Humans "Startrek" aliens? (They look exactly like

humans in cheap makeup, but really, they are different. . .)

In response to the comment that crop yields should be lower, I have two
responses. First, they are lower, that's why fertility spells are so
important. Second, how much of the year in temperate climates are crops
really growing? Perhaps April through September? If winter is milder and
shorter the crop season could be the same length.

This is all hand waving anyway, why not keep it simple except where it
really matters? Throwing in weird physics and funny day lengths "just
because" is pointless complexity.

But whatever works for you. . .

Kevin Rose

The thing I like about Greg Stafford's statements on Glorantha is the same
thing that I like about ISO/ANSI/IEEE/IETF standards. There is almost one
that allows you to claim that you are in compliance with Greg.


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