Days and Lankst

From: Peter Metcalfe (
Date: Mon 26 Feb 1996 - 09:48:13 EET

Kevin Rose:

Complains amount the relevation that 1 gloranthan year=1 RW year.

>For example, menstral cycle on earth is roughly 28 days. How long is
>it on Glorantha? How far can a man march in a day, as obviously the
>day is 20% longer?

We make the day _metabolically_ longer. Human perceptions of the
the day's length will not change. The length of the human menstrual
cycle is not directly dependant on the human metabolic rate and so
this will survive unchanged. I like this a hell off a lot better then
being forced to knock off 20% of all ages to get the real age (which
implies that people are effectively over the hill at 32!).

>The only calender I've seen associated with the empire is the Theyalan
>calendar. (back in WF 14) This doesn't seem to make a lot of sense, as it
>should logically use a Pelorian, Dara Happan, or Western based calendar,
>unless somehow everyone west of the Shan Shan uses the same calendar.
>(Possible, but seems unlikely.)

There is a Dara Happan Calender, but I have the feeling that it's only
used within the Lunar Heartlands. I don't know its precise details
but it's got day names like Reed day Two. The Provincial Church IMO
uses the Theyalan Calender which is bog-standard in the provinces ever
since the EWF. The Carmanians probably use the Old Western Calender.

If this sounds complex, that's because it is. Calender usage was
hardly cut and dried in the old days. Josephus (a Jewish Historian
in 1st Century CE Roman Empire) uses neither the Jewish nor the
Roman Calender for his histories but the Macedonian which had been
introduced into the region by Alexander the Great three centuries

Mark Davidson:

>Does anyone have any ideas on how the Orlanthi in Lankst relate with
>their neighbours. They have the Telmori and Dragonewts to their East, the
>Henotheist Safelsterians to the South, the Trolls of Guhan to the South
>West, and the Elves of the Ballid forrest to the West. Also the only pass
>to Fronela is to the North.

With respect to the Elves, Telmori, Uz and dragonewts it's probably Raid,
raid and raid again. They can't raid over the Nidan pass for Bad deal is
in the way so they trade there.

>I'm particularly curious about the relations between full pantheon
>worshipping Orlanthi and Henotheist Church Orlanthi.

The Henothiest Church of Otkorion likes the Lankst Orlanthi and vice
versa. They do try to persuade the Lanksti to worship the Invisible
God in addition to their normal gods. The Lankst Orlanthi are valued
by the Henothiests as mercenaries for their campaigns against the
Safelstrans further south.

Thus while the Lanksti do raid Otkorion from time to time, they
often pass through it and raid the places further south (such as
Holut, Tinaros and Belstos). And sometimes those places hire the
Orlanthi for their campaigns...

- --Peter Metcalfe


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