Relations of Lankst to their neighbours

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Date: Mon 26 Feb 1996 - 16:43:00 EET

Mark Davidson:
>Does anyone have any ideas on how the Orlanthi in Lankst relate with
>their neighbours. They have the Telmori and Dragonewts to their East, the
>Henotheist Safelsterians to the South, the Trolls of Guhan to the South
>West, and the Elves of the Ballid forrest to the West. Also the only pass
>to Fronela is to the North.
>I'm particularly curious about the relations between full pantheon
>worshipping Orlanthi and Henotheist Church Orlanthi.

I think the relations of the Orlanthis of Lankst towards their neighbours
are totally different compared to the realtions of the Orlanthis of Sartar
or Heortland towards theirs.
IMO the relationship to the old races and the telmori are very cool. They
are enemies of old. The Orlanthis of Lankst living in their country on a
land which seems to me to be like an island. They are surrounded by enemies
which are raiding their lands if they wish to do this. I think there will be
no trade with the Telmori, the Dragonewts, the elves or the trolls which
could be able to bring this very different people of northern Ralios
together. Trade can help by any kind of communication, but IMO there will be
not trade or communication between this people.
This may or will be different to the people of Otkorion and other people
from the south, because the will need the Orlanthi land of Lankst at least
as a transfer state to reach the highlama pass. And the people of the
civilized safelster region will produce things, tools or goods which will be
of some interest for the Orlanthi of Lankst. They could be able to live
beside each other if there was not struggle upon religious matters.
I think the leader of the Orlanthi of Lankst or the Jofrain confederation
are very conserative Orlanthi. In Glorantha - Crucible of the hero wars -
you can read that the Orlanthi, or especially Garundyer will form up a iron
lightbringer circle. IMO he tries to do this in defence of the new influence
of the henotheistic church of Otkorion. The faith into Orlanth was never
spread through missionaries as the henotheistic will do this. This a good
sign for me of the difference of the Orlanth worship of the conserative
Orlanthi and the henotheistic ones. Kocholong or Gardundyer will be able to
see that Surantyr the Non-heretic will increase his power through the
increase of worshipers of his henotheistic church of Otkorion. So, Surantyr
will try to convert as much Orlanthi as he can manage. After the 7
ecclesiastical council he is able to promise the new converted worshipers
they will be accepted as full malkioni worshipers in the west, nobody will
say they are still babarians (pagans). In fact this will be not be absolutly
true because no Rokari or Hrestoli will do this, but in the mixed religious
region of civilized Safelster it could be true.
This religious struggle is part of the LARP 'Rise of Ralios' I am still
writing on. So I have a lot of ideas what will or has happened to the
different parties of the northern part of Ralios, but I do not want to say
to much about this, because I will wait if the peolpe who will get
characters of the people of Lankst will find a solution for their problems.
These characters of Lankst will be given to the brits in the LARP 'Rise of
Ralios'. So, Mark if you want to make the experience by your own upon the
people of Lankst come to Castle Stahleck on Whitsun (24 - 27.05.1996).


Ingo Tschinke


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