bendy light

From: ian (i.) gorlick (
Date: Mon 26 Feb 1996 - 19:15:00 EET

Alex Ferguson:

You are correct that most Gloranthans may be unaware of the bending of light
and many may be unaware that their world even has a horizon. So many people
don't give a toss about this whole debate and can freely ignore it and it will
never affect their campaigns.

Also correct is the suggestion that the horizon could be caused by having a
slightly curved surface even if Glorantha isn't a sphere. Multiple possible
explanations helps prevent the One True World syndrome.

I think you may be making an unwarranted assumption about Solar cultures. Why
should they think that light ought to propagate in straight lines? The sun is
round, the sky dome is curved, arrows (the weapons of the sun) travel in curving
arcs. The notion that straightness connotes goodness, lawfulness, and
truthfulness is a bias from our culture. Maybe conic sections are the holy

shapes in Dara Happa. This could be what the Dayzatar priests are doing: playing
with geometrical constructions and mathemagical formulae to get closer to their


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