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Kevin Rose wrote

>As a normal pregancy on earth takes about 40 weeks this would be about 1
>year on Glorantha. However this is supposedly not the case, as 1 year is
>no longer equal to 42 weeks on earth, now being equal to 52 weeks. (Or so
>the statement I saw implied.)

I would have guessed it takes 3/4 of a year.

>How far can a man march in a day, as obviously the day is 20%

If days are longer, than pregnancy wouldn't take 40 weeks... I believe days
are the same length as on Earth, but people (and animals and crops) simply
mature and age faster due to the magical nature of Glorantha.

Mark Davidson wondered

>Does anyone have any ideas on how the Orlanthi in Lankst relate with
>their neighbours. They have the Telmori and Dragonewts to their East, the
>Henotheist Safelsterians to the South, the Trolls of Guhan to the South
>West, and the Elves of the Ballid forrest to the West. Also the only pass
>to Fronela is to the North.
>I'm particularly curious about the relations between full pantheon
>worshipping Orlanthi and Henotheist Church Orlanthi.

I haven't explored Lankst yet (having concentrated on East Ralios -- check
<> and especially the map of
Ralios) -- but I postulate that Naskorion is populated by
Orlanth-worshipping Malkioni. Their closest neighbors, the Riagos tribe,
hate them in large part because they're so similar (the Riagos don't like
sorcerers, but sorcerers who claim to worship Orlanth are the worse).

In Otkorion, Surantyr has managed to convert many people using the cult of
Siglolf Cloudcrusher, imported from Lankst, and relations could be
friendlier. Or just as bad, since only the traditionalists are left as true

I assume you're aware of Windy Hill (from Tales of the Reaching Moon 12).
The Great Temple's relations with the Elves of Ballid are bad, but the King
pays tribute to the elves, and apparently wants to keep a truce.

Let me know what you come up with, and I'll probably incorporate it into my

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